Book List Junior Infants 2017 – 2018

Section 1 – RENTAL – to be paid by every pupil

*Rental fee to be paid by 16th June 2017


Religion On our Way

ENGLISH Big Cat Reading Scheme

TOTAL €15.00

SECTION 2 – Books to be purchased for 31st August 2017

School & Office World, Unit 2, Newlands Retail Centre

Opening Minds –

Eason Liffey Valley – “drop off & collect” service & “Early Bird” promotion – 10% discount on all text books until 17th July.

They will all be given book lists and will stock all books. If purchasing your child’s books, please ensure that your child has all books on this list, checking the list as you obtain them. Each book should be covered and named on the outside cover by Thursday 31st August 2017.

MATHS Operation Maths Junior Infants

Please send in all items in this pack

Ed.Co 12.95
GAEILGE Bua na Cainte – Junior Infants A (RED) Ed. Co. 8.50
ENGLISH All Write Now Junior Infants + Practice Book Folens 5.60
SESE Unlocking SESE Junior infants Folens 8.60