5th & 6th Class

World Mental Health Day –

The 10th October was World Mental Health Day, so for art we did Mindfulness. We wrote our name in bubble writing and then drew designs inside. They were really fun to do! Also, they look really cool and everyone’s is unique. We also talked about mental health and the slogan “It’s ok not to be ok”. Then we listened to relaxing mindfulness music during art.

Abby – 6th Class

Garda Maeve –

Garda Maeve came into our classroom on the 14th October and she told us about the role of the garda. Garda Maeve also told us how to be safe from fireworks and bonfires. She let some of us try on her uniform. It was lots of fun.

Faye – 5th Class

P.E –

We were doing really fun things in P.E, walking activities and outdoor challenges. Mr Beckett hid names of countries and their capital cities. We had to write down all the countries first and then try to figure out their capital cities. It was a bit of a challenge to remember which city belongs to what country.

Chloe – 5th Class

Author’s Visit

On Friday 4th October, Caroline Busher came into 5th & 6th class and told us about her books and she brought in a bag so we had to pick an item out of the bag and she would tell us a story about it. It was really fun and at the end we took a picture and we also got an autograph.

Daniel – 6th Class

Christ Church –

On 17th October 6th Class went to Christ Church. The theme was Bear Necessities. We got the bus to Christ Church and the Service started. The two reverends dressed up as bears and we all sang songs. It was brilliant. When it ended we all went downstairs to the crypt and we saw loads of ancient things along with a dead cat and mouse.

Niamh , 6th Class

September 2018

5th and 6th Class have had a great start to the new school year. We have been very busy in all subject areas. Everyone has settled in well and we are looking forward to the year ahead!

In Art we have focused on rotational symmetry, with the children created some lovely pieces of artwork where they disguised their names. We also looked at water colour wax resist autumn leaves making a lovely display.

In English we looked at acrostic poetry, making our own poems and we also focused on recount writing where the pupils wrote emails.

We have just started hockey lessons with our coach Rhys. The boys and girls really enjoyed the first lesson and can’t wait to learn some new skills so they can test them out in a match!!

We have lots planned for the year and can’t wait to keep you informed about our additional activities as the year progresses!


Our Artwork

Our Emails

Practising our new Hockey skills