January / February 2017 Newsletter

Junior & Senior Infants

Junior and Senior Infants have been very busy since coming back to school in January. We have been reading lots of lovely new books and doing our best handwriting. We had a visit from the Dental Nurse, Colette, she told us how to brush our teeth properly and she put some colorful toothbrushes in our treasure box. We made our own instruments in Science and we showed them to 1st and 2nd class. We had to tell them how we made them and let them hear the sounds we made. We will be planting sunflower seeds and cress seeds and we are looking forward to watching them grow. On the 15th March Miss Garland will be coming in from the Teaching College to teach us for 3 weeks.

1st and 2nd Class

We have being gymnastics, it is fun. We learnd to do cartwheels and other stuff. I like walking on the bench backwards with my eyes closed! G is a very good teacher for gymnastics & the school loves it.

Hannah Spencer 2nd class

We have finished reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in class. Roald Dahl wrote the book. I really liked the story. My favourite part was when Veruca Salt turned into a blueberry. 😉 Roan McGrath 1s t class

We made bird houses out of milk cartons and we also made bird feeders. We are learning about birds in class and Mrs. Dawson brought in a real bird’s nest! It is fun

Olivia Scott 2nd class

3rd and 4th Class

We are doing projects at the moment. In 3rd class your project has to be on an animal. In 4th – 6th class your project can be about anything, provided someone else is not doing the same topic. I am doing my project on snakes and my brother Kevin’s project is on Star Wars. The presentation will be on Friday 7th April.

Luke Foley (3rd class)

In January we started doing French knitting. It’s really fun! Mrs. Stanley called us up in threes to get started. At first it was a bit hard but after a while it’s easy. You could choose from lots of different colours and you could also change colours. When we were finished we started sewing it on to a piece of hessian. Then they are going to go up on display. I’ve really enjoyed French knitting.

Abbey Kirwan (3rd class)

Dates for the Diary

School closed: Mon. 6th March for staff training

St. Patrick’s Day: School closed Fri. 17th March

‘Green Day’ Spring Saunter: Thurs. 16th March

Presentation of Projects: Fri. 7th April

Easter Holidays: school closing Fri.7th April @12pm

School reopens Mon.24th April@ 8.30am

Staff Updates

We would like to congratulate Mrs. Wilson on the birth of her beautiful baby girl Scarlett and also Mr. Uibh Eachach on the birth of his also beautiful baby girl, Mathilde. Mummies, Daddies and babies are all doing very well.

5th & 6th class

We have recently started a novel called Running Wild. It is exciting, sad and very emotional. I am enjoying it a lot. It is about a young boy called Will. His father died while in the army and he is unhappy at school. Will’s Grandad and Grandma decide to give them a little holiday to Indonesia. So far in the story while Will and his family are in Indonesia there is a tsunami. Will was on an elephant when the tsunami started. The elephant looks out to sea and then starts to run and run. Will Will ever find his Mum again? Is he an orphan now?

Sophie Sharkey (5th class)

Garda Maeve came in to talk about cyber bullying. She told us how to keep safe on all social media sites such as keep private on facebook and only keep friends with people you know. She also read out some statements and asked if they were safe or not. It was very interesting hearing about new things

Zach Geraghty (6th class)

Mr. Sheldon from Bible Explorer came into our classroom every Tuesday for five weeks to teach us about the New Testament. On the first day he did a cool trick that we all found impressive. All of the classes were really fun. We had to act out different things and he taught us hand signs. At the last lesson we showed Mrs. Sharkey all of our hand signs we had learned

Aimee Coady (6th class)

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