Physical activity

Physical Activity



On Mondays to Thursdays activity zones have been organised in the playground.

  • Monday: Junior Infants and 3rd class
  • Tuesday: Senior Infants and 4th class
  • Wednesday: 1st class and 5th class
  • Thursday: 2nd class and 6th class

On Fridays we have a dance zone in the playground where all pupils can join in together.


February 2018: Basketball and hula hoops

March 2018: Tag balls and bean bags

April/May 2018: Hurdles and skipping ropes

June 2018: Reaction balls and bowling



February 2018: Active lollipop sticks

March 2018: Go Noodle

April/May 2018: Active lollipop sticks

June 2018: Go Noodle


Other active events

Halloween penalty shootout – October 27th 2017

Santa saunter – December 18th 2017

Green day walk – March 16th 2018

Our 11km run to the Spire (running 1km/week in the playground) – February -June 2018

Annual football match against St. Maelruains – June 11th 2018

Sports Day – 27th June 2018