September / October Newsletter 2017

Parent & Teacher’s Association

The PTA, a body comprising of parents and teachers, who volunteer their time, thoughts and ideas for ways in which to introduce new and improve on existing school resources.

Even though we are only two months into our new school year the PTA have many exciting fundraising events planned, with all funds going towards the purchase of 14 new IPads.

*A Clothes Collection was held in September with €87.98 raised

*Bag packing will take place in Marks & Spencer, Liffey Valley, on Sunday 5th November from 10am – 7pm. It would be greatly appreciated if you could volunteer your time to ensure the success of this fundraising event. Notes were sent home to each family and should be returned to school as soon as possible confirming your support.

*On Thursday 26th October all children will be asked to send in a recipe as part of their homework. These recipes will be included in St. John’s very own cookbook. An ideal Christmas present @ €9 per copy or 10% off if purchasing 3 or more. Recipes can be returned to school with your children on Friday 27th October or emailed directly to

*As per previous years, the children will also be designing their own Christmas cards. Details regarding this will be sent home after the midterm break.

*Finally another date for the diary, St. John’s School Christmas Fair will take place on Saturday 2nd December.

There will also be a Parish Christmas Fair on Saturday 25th November.

The PTA and all the staff of St. John’s would like to thank the parents who continuously support all our fundraising events.



St. John’s would like to wish all the new pupils, who joined our school this year, a very warm welcome. In Junior Infants we welcomed Aisha, Anna, Bobby, Darragh, Emery, John, Mia, Praise, Sam, Tilly and Zara. In 3rd class we welcomed Mohammad. We wish all our new and existing pupils a very fun & enjoyable year in St. John’s.


1st and 2nd class have the pleasure of welcoming Ms. Goulden as their class teacher this year.

We would also like to welcome Mrs. Veighey to the role of Special Education Teacher.

We hope all enjoy their time in St. John’s.


Hallowe’en Fancy Dress




Christmas Annual

Christmas Annuals are available to be ordered from class teacher. Annuals are €2 and must be ordered by Wed. 8th November.



*Progress reports will be sent home with all children on Thursday 26th October. These reports are sent home towards the end of each term on the following dates :          26th October ’17, 14th December ’17, 22nd March ’18 and End of Year Reports on the 22nd June ’18.

*Parent / Teacher meetings will take place on Thursday 23rd November.

*Application forms for next year’s Junior Infants will be sent out in November. If you have not requested an application form from Sandra (school secretary) please do so immediately. The B.O.M. will be offering places for September 2018 in December 2017.

*It has been brought to our attention that children are being left unattended at the school gate from 8am in the mornings. Children have been observed playing/running in & out of the gateway which endangers them to the traffic on the Tower Road. Unattended children are not the responsibility of other parents, or the school, when waiting at the gate. Parents should not park, under any circumstance, in the gateway while dropping children to school. This is a dangerous practice on a roadway which has a lot of traffic.

With this in mind the Board of Management has designated an area at the shelter, which will be marked out in yellow lines, where all pupils and parents will wait in the mornings until the bell rings at 8.30am. Staff supervision does not begin until 8.30am when the bell is rung.

The Board would appreciate your co-operation in this matter as the safety of all the children is important.

*As per previously advised, the Tower Car Park, next door to school., can only be used by customers of the centre. All other cars parked there will be clamped, with a release fee of €120.

Please use alternative parking when dropping & collecting children to & from school.


Please remember that we are a ‘Nut Free’ school. Please continue to check that all lunches do not contain foods that contain nuts. All Kinder products are forbidden.

Thank you for your continued support.

Junior & Senior Infants

Everyone has settled in well to the Infant classroom. We are enjoying learning all of our Jolly Phonic sounds. Mrs. Sharkey is teaching us to talk about our feelings with Zippy, the stick insect. We brought our favourite toys into school during SESE. We had to tell everyone about our toy and then we got to play with them! In P.E. We are learning lots of new games. We are all having lots of fun.


1st and 2nd Class

We went swimming every Friday. We got to learn and play with our friends in the swimming pool. We go to the library and we get to pick some new books to borrow. We made hedgehogs in art. We tried our best and had lots of fun!

(Frank Kondys & Emily Finn 1st class)

On the 3rd October Fiona from ReCreate came to 1st and 2nd class. She brought junk art. We got to build things. I made a secret box and a butterfly. It was super fun. Then we got to tell everyone what we had made.

(Amelia Finn 2nd class)

3rd and 4th Class

Something exciting happened in 3rd & 4th class, a boy called Mohammad joined 3rd class. He is a really nice boy.

Everyone loves doing art because it is really fun. We have new ways to do our homework too! When 3rd class came into our class we were so excited we had new classmates and when they saw Bubbles and Goldie they adored our class fish like they were best friends. 🙂

Saesha Hughes (4th class)

Miss Mulhere is our student teacher. In November she is going to do a project on Ireland with us. She is really really nice! I bet she is going to be amazing and epic!!

Emily Meyler (3rd class)

We were learning about the Vikings, it was really interesting. We built Viking long-boats. Here are some things we learned:

Before the Battle of Clontarf the Viking leader sent out a letter to other Viking leaders to help him in the fight but when they were fighting, the leader didn’t even join the battle! The Irish won. After the fight Brian Boru, the High King Of Ireland, was killed.

Niamh Daly (4th class)

On the 3rd of October we went to the Round Tower for its opening day. A band called Seo Linn was playing. It was all in Irish but it was still fun. A storyteller called Niall DeBurca told us stories. We all got a goodie bag with an energy bar, pencil case and a ruler. It was so much fun.

Orla Coady (4th class)

5th & 6th class

Show Racism the RED CARD!

On the 20th of September a man called Gary came into speak to the four senior classes about racism and the history of it. It was great fun, we watched a video and then did a quiz. 5th and 6th won the quiz by 1 point! Gary also called Mr.Beckett Mr.Heckett by mistake!!

Franio dressed up as Show Racism the Red Card mascot, who is a dog and we all got pictures and wristbands. It was a lot of fun.

Sophie Sharkey (6th class)


On the 19th October all of 6th class & 2 students from 5th went to Christ Church. We took the bus to the cathedral and had a snack outside before the service. Jennifer and I were readers, we sat at the front of the church with the readers from the other schools. The rest of our class sat in a side room and watched the service on a TV screen. Jennifer and I did very well with our readings, the service was very good, it was called One World, One God. Afterwards we all went to a small shop to get some treats. We caught the bus back home. It was a great day and I found it very enjoyable.

Lydia Rogers (6th class)

Garda Lydon came to 5th & 6th class on the 24th October to talk about staying safe at Hallowe’en. He told us not to go too near bonfires and said that if you can feel the heat of it, then you are too close. He also advised us not to disturb old people on Hallowe’en night. Garda Lydon also showed us his pepper spray, baton and handcuffs. He was going to use his handcuffs on Mr.Beckett but unfortunately he forgot the key! Eamon Iqbal (5th class)



Progress Reports

Thursday 26th October

Hallowe’en Fancy Dress

Friday 27th October


Hallowe’en Midterm

Closed Friday 27th October

Reopens Monday 6th November


Bag Packing Marks & Spencer

Sunday 5th November

10am – 7pm


Parent / Teacher Meetings

Thursday 23rd November


St.John’s School Christmas Fair

Saturday 2nd December

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