Projects 2020

3rd and 4th class worked hard on their projects during February and March. 3rd class chose an animal to research for their project and 4th class chose any topic which interested them.

I enjoyed reading each one of them and I learned many new things. I was very impressed by the standard this year. A lot of effort went into the presentation and there were lots of creative ideas used. Some people chose to type theirs but those that were handwritten were done every neatly. Unfortunately we didn’t get to display them in school as in other years but I have some photographs below : 

As usual it was very difficult to choose winners. But I eventually settled on four winners from each class. I posted out the certificates to the people who won and below are photographs of the winners with their certificates:

November – December 2019

We had great fun using the I-pads in History to create an e-book about the Vikings. We worked in small groups of 2 or 3 and when we were finished we invited 1st and 2nd class in to see them.  

We have also been learning how to sew and we made some lovely Christmas stockings which we finished off with some glitter and felt shapes. We also made papier mâché plates which we decorated for Christmas or with whatever design we wished. 

We have been singing a lot this month. We practised our Christmas carols for the annual visit to the Maldron Hotel and we have really enjoyed getting our song ready for the Nativity on the last day of school. We will be singing ‘What a Commotion’ which we are singing in two parts and it will be accompanied by triangles, maracas, bells and a variety of wooden instruments.                                                                                                                     

Since Hallowe’en we have learnt lots of card games like Old Maid, Rummy and Crazy Eights. During the Christmas holidays we will be able to teach our families some of the card games we have been playing in school.                                                                                                                                              

On Wednesday 11th Santa surprised us with a visit to our classroom and gave us all a lovely gift. We are looking forward to exchanging our Kris Kindle  presents on Thursday and guessing who they are from – although some people have found it difficult to keep it a secret!!!

September-October 2019

We have had a busy couple of months in our classroom. We welcomed David into 3rd class and Rex, Lewis and Joshua into 4th class. We are delighted to have them in our room and we hope they enjoy being part of St. John’s. In Art we have been learning about mixing colours and patterns and plenty of lovely art work has been produced. We learnt about alliteration in English and we wrote some great poems entitled Animal Ark which we displayed outside our classroom. We also wrote some spooky Hallowe’en poems.

We had Miss Ruddock teaching us for 3 weeks in October. She was a lovely teacher and we did lots of great things with her. We did lots of work on adjectives and we had great fun in Drama.

Our 6 weeks of swimming has come to an end but great fun was had by all who went and everyone’s swimming has improved. We enjoyed the recycling workshop on Wed. 23rd October where we made lots of interesting creations including haunted houses, robots and boats. Have a look at our photos.

September 2018

3rd and 4th class have been working very hard since we have come back after the Summer holidays.

We have been learning how to talk about ourselves and our families in Irish and everyone has written a piece about their families.

We have been learning lots of poems and songs this month. We really enjoyed performing ‘Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’.

Swimming lessons began on Friday 14th and we are looking forward to participating in lots of other activities this year. Art is something we all look forward to every week and we have completed some lovely pieces of artwork about ourselves and our names. We are delighted to welcome Michael Andrew to 3rd class. We hope he will be very happy in our school.

Our Crests

Drawing with Scissors – Matisse inspired name design