Active Week 2021

Our Active School Week was held from Monday 14th  June until Friday 18th June. We planned lots of  fun activities that all children could take part in. Staff and pupils arrived to school each day in active clothes. Our usual homework was replaced with Active Homework  for the week. What a fun week we had.

Monday: Hot Seat

Each class went out to the playground to play hotseat with Ms. Lomax. There were lots of great shots into the basket throughout the day. 

Tuesday: Drop Everything And Dance

We danced in our classrooms every hour on the hour when the bell was rung. We danced to Can’t Stop The Feeling by Justin Timberlake. By the end of the day we had perfected the moves expecially the jump! 

Wednesday: Corkagh Park

Junior Infants, Senior Infants, 1st class and 2nd class went on a Teddy bears’ Picnic. They played some fun games and enjoyed their lovely picnic. 

3rd class, 4th class, 5th class and 6th class played rounders and football. They also had a picnic before returning to school.

Everyone had a great time. 

Thursday: Active Stations

We held a whole school fun event. All children from every class in the school took part in active stations. The stations included basketball, football penalties, parachute and hurdles.

Friday: Sports Day

The whole school went to Clondalkin Sports and Leisure Centre for Sports Day. Each classroom was divided into 4 teams and we took part in some fun relay games: Egg and Spoon race Over – Under ball race and The Hurdles. We finished up with a running race for each class and the teachers!

When we got back to school every pupil got a medal for taking part in Sports Day. Everybody also got a certificate for taking part in active Week. 

Active Home week 2020

National ‘Active School Week’ takes place every April and is a really enjoyable part of the school year for many children. This year, because of COVID-19, it was not possible for this to go ahead so we asked the children to participate in the ‘Active Home Week‘ challenge instead. We encouraged the children to keep active at home by trying out new activities and having fun with family activities. To complete the challenge, the children had to find four different ways of being active each day, making sure that it added up to 60 minutes, or more, of physical activity. Here are some pictures that were sent in.



Active Week 2019

Our Active School Week this year was held 7th – 10th May 2019. Our Active Committee, made up of both teachers and children from St. John’s NS, planned activities that all children could take part in. Like last year, tracksuits replaced school uniform for the week in school. Teachers also wore active clothes. We also had active homework for the week.

7th May – Tuesday

We danced on the hour, every hour in school. We learnt the Macarena dance!

8th May – Wednesday

A bug walk was planned by the Parent Teacher Association but unfortunately it was raining too heavy to go outside on the day. Instead we learnt about bugs in the classroom and carried out more dancing throughout the day to keep active. The children had been learning about bugs in SESE and writing about them during English lessons that week.

9th May – Thursday

We held a whole school fun event. All children from every class in the school took part in active stations. There were six groups of children. The groups had children from each class. The stations included basketball, football penalties (Rathcoole Boys), parachaute, e gg and spoon races, hurdles and skipping.

10th May – Friday

We used our local amenities and went to the playground. The junior end of the school went to the playground at Clondalkin Leisure Centre and the senior end went to the playground in Corkagh Park. The sun was shining and we had great fun!


We held our first Active Week in St. Johns NS this year. Everyone loved it. All the children and the staff wore tracksuit for the full week, 23rd-27th April 2018. We did something active each day of the week. The children also got active homework for the week. The Active School Committee came up with ideas for Active Week and helped during the week.

On Monday we set up stations in the hall and each class got to take part in basketball, tennis and skipping.

The next day we danced on the hour, every hour. We learned the Cha Cha Slide dance.

On Wednesday, Mrs. Veighey played parachute games with each class.

The highlight of the week was Emer Mc Gowan coming in on Thursday. Each class danced with her in the hall to their favourite tunes.

On Friday we had planned to take every class to the playground in the local park but unfortunately the weather didn’t allow. Instead, the Active School Committee set up an obstacle course in the hall for each class to do.

Everyone loved Active Week. We are already looking forward to Active Week next year!