1st & 2nd Class

1st and 2nd class have settled back into our new normal and have learned a lot of new and exciting things. We have learned a lot about Autumn including the different colours, animals and words associated with it. 1st and 2nd class have explored how this season affects the animals, weather and trees. We have learned about the lifecycle of an apple tree. We were also excited to learn about hedgehog and how hibernation works. We even practised our cutting skills by cutting out hedgehogs!

1st and 2nd class used straight lines, wavy lines, zig zag lines and all the different types of lines we have been learning about in art to create a rainy day scene. They turned out fantastic! During October we learned about patterns in maths, we practiced making colour patterns by weaving paper to make houses. We made some lovely Halloween silhouettes and Halloween monsters. The children also enjoyed dressing up in some very cool costumes for dress up day.

We welcomed Evan and Tristan into 2nd class. We hope they enjoy being in St. John’s N.S.

Charlie and Annabelle – 2nd Class
We have an elf in 1st and 2nd Class. His name is Elfie and he is very funny. He played the piano and he turned in to a spider Elf. He wrote us a joke today.


Tom and Eric – 2nd Class
In December we were learning about Antarctica. A few days ago we made penguins in art. In SESE we learned lots of facts about penguins. Did you know penguins don’t have teeth?


Aisha – 1st Class
On Wednesday 11th December Santa came to visit us in school. He got all of 1st and 2nd Class presents and sweets. We really liked his visit.




We welcomed Adam into St. John’s in 1st Class this year and we hope he enjoys his time with us.

We really enjoyed our 6 weeks swimming which has just finished.

1st Class have joined us in their first Library visits, they have enjoyed picking out new books, and we will be going every 3 weeks.

On 23rd October we took part in an Eco art recycling workshop. The theme was Hallowe’en and was great fun for everyone.

September 2018

1st and 2nd class have enjoyed learning about the different types of trees that grow in Ireland and how they change during each season. They studied the animals that live in the trees such as squirrels and birds. The class particularly loved going to Corkagh Park where they identifed some trees and picked leaves and berries. They then created some colourful leaf rubbings from the leaves collected on the walk.

They are also having fun listening to Fantastic Mr. Fox by Roald Dahl. We began reading the story this month to celebrate Roald Dahl day on the 13th September. Each child has created a fact profile for Mr. Fox.