Physical Activity


As part of the Active Flag we have been making a great effort, as a whole school, to increase our level of activity and fitness. Children should get 60 minutes of activity daily so it is our aim, as a school, to ensure that the children get some of this activity within school hours every day. This not only helps the children physically, but it has been proven that increased activity can improve mental health and educational development also.

Children and staff are encouraged to do your talking as you’re walking during breaktimes.

All classes have playground breaks twice daily. Children from every class are allowed to run around and play together in the same area. Monday to Thursday, activity zones have been organised in the playground. Our playground leaders from the active committee set them up and control them.There are two zones where two classes are assigned to a zone one day per week. The sports equipment in the zones changes every month. Some of the sports equipment that has been used this year includes, hockey sticks, basketball, hula hoops, skipping ropes, hurdles and tag balls. On Fridays we have a playground disco where all classes are welcome to dance. Take a look at some of our playground zones we’ve had this year.

When it is raining and the children are unable to play outdoors, each classroom teacher has a classroom-based physical activity planned. The children usually dance or follow physical exercise. Every class also has a similar but shorter physical activity break in their daily routine.

Our running initiative ‘Tour of Europe Challenge’ is still in full swing. Each week all pupils in the school have ran at least 1km. As the kilometres are recorded and added together, we are making our way across the map of Europe. We have travelled over 2000km and visited 5 cities.

Over the Easter Holidays our school designed an Active Walkway around the premises. Signposts were put up to mark out the walkway. Each class has been using the walkway regulary during school times. Some signposts encourage the children to do an active exerise before walking on to the next sign.

Our school has taken part in several physical activity events this year. When organising physical activities we ensure that all children can take part. Take a look at some of the activities the children in St Johns NS has completed this year.

Halloween Penalty Shoot Out (26th October 2018)

Juggling (21st November 2018)

Santa Saunter (12th December 2019)

Green day walk (15th March 2019)

2018 /2019

On Thursday 27th September we held a ‘Take on the Teachers Day’. The whole school gathered in the hall for a basketball shot competition. Great fun was had by all and plenty of promising talent was shown. However, the teachers were unlucky this time round. Our overall winner was Eric in 1st class.

European Week of Sport (22nd-30th September 2018) saw the beginning of our whole school running initiative ‘Tour of Europe Challenge’. Each week all pupils in school are encouraged to complete at least 1km in the playground. Each kilometre they do is recorded and added up. We are hoping to visit as many landmarks sites of Europe as possible.



On Mondays to Thursdays activity zones have been organised in the playground.

  • Monday: Junior Infants and 3rd class
  • Tuesday: Senior Infants and 4th class
  • Wednesday: 1st class and 5th class
  • Thursday: 2nd class and 6th class

On Fridays we have a dance zone in the playground where all pupils can join in together.

February 2018: Basketball and hula hoops

March 2018: Tag balls and bean bags

April/May 2018: Hurdles and skipping ropes

June 2018: Reaction balls and bowling


February 2018: Active lollipop sticks

March 2018: Go Noodle

April/May 2018: Active lollipop sticks

June 2018: Go Noodle

Other active events

Halloween penalty shootout – October 27th 2017

Santa saunter – December 18th 2017

Green day walk – March 16th 2018

Our 11km run to the Spire (running 1km/week in the playground) – February -June 2018

Annual football match against St. Maelruains – June 11th 2018

Sports Day – 27th June 2018