Physical Education

All pupils in St. John’s N.S. are provided with 60 minutes of timetabled PE each week.

During March, Mr. Beckett and Mrs. Veighey attended the final training day for the ‘Move Well, Move Often’ programme. We have incorporated this programme into our PE scheme to help focus on developing these important skills with our pupils.

Following  a School Self Evaluation of PE all teachers follow a 2 year whole school PE plan where all classes cover the same strands at the same time.

All teachers use the 1999 Primary School PE Curriculum documents and the PSSI plans to guide their delivery of the PE curriculum within their classes.

All classes are taught at least 5 different PE strands each year. Our teachers ensure that all PE activities are planned so that they are all accessible by all pupils.

The aquatics strand is covered by 1st– 4th classes each year. These classes attend swimming lessons in Clondalkin Leisure Centre during the first term.

The teachers in our school have prioritised the Outdoor and Adventure strand for further development this year. New equipment/resources have been sourced to improve the teaching of this strand.

Athletics – October & June

Dance – November & June

Games – December & April 

Gymnastics – January & February

Outdoor & Adventure – September & May

Every child’s progress in PE is discussed with parents at PT meetings and feedback is included in their progress reports and in the annual school report.

We are fortunate to have plenty of PE equipment and resources available to use. This is  well organised, clearly labelled and easily accessed in our store room. When necessary, old and broken equipment is thrown out and replaced.




Gymnastics – Junior Infants to 6th class took part in weekly gymnastic classes for ten weeks in the second school term.


Outdoor and adventure activities

Aquatics – 1st to 6th class did six-week swimming in Clondalkin leisure centre from September 15th until October 20th 2017