March-April 2021

Unfortunately we began this term with remote learning. Although it was  difficult not being in the classroom, everyone continued to work very hard and I was very pleased with the effort everybody put into their work while learning from home. It was lovely to see everybody at our zoom assembly each Friday and at our class zooms also.  

It was a pleasure to get back into school on Monday 15th March and see everybody again. Since then, we have been very busy working hard, learning lots and having fun.

On Tuesday 16th March we had Green Day. We wore something green and we did some St. Patrick’s Day Art. As we approached the Easter holidays we had fun taking part in an Easter-themed scavenger hunt in the playground. Gráinne hid the pictures in some really tricky places and it took us quite a while to find them all. We made Picasso-style Easter bunnies in Art  and we finished up for our Easter holidays on March 26th with an Easter egg hunt.

After Easter we began reading our novel ‘Making Millions’ by Erika Mc Gann. It is about the Bubble Street Gang – 3 children who enjoy investigating crimes and solving mysteries. They are hoping to make lots of money – maybe even become millionaires, while solving the mystery of the invisible boy. We are really enjoying reading it and we can’t wait to see how it all turns out.

In SESE we have been learning about homes. We have been learning about homes through the years and how architecture has changed and evolved over time. We have discussed the different types of homes and the development of environmentally friendly features. We have also looked at homes around the world and the challenges faced by people who are homeless. Using all the information we have learned, we had an opportunity to design and draw our own houses. 

In English we are doing ‘Report Writing’. We have been learning how to use mind maps to organise our ideas and how to select the information we want to use when we carry out research.

We learned how to do weaving in Art. It was a little tricky in the beginning, but we soon got the hang of it and we were really pleased with the finished result. We also made some wool pictures.

On April 30th we had a movie day and we celebrated AnnMarie’s birthday.

November-December 2020

During November we were learning all about life in Roman times. We learnt about the army, homes, hobbies and pastimes, famous buildings and many other things.  We also had the opportunity to design our own Roman shields and to make a mosaic picture like the Romans used to do. Using Book Creator we worked in pairs to put together a book with information about Ancient Rome. We really enjoyed creating the books and we were delighted that our parents could access the finished books by using a link which our teacher sent them.

We really enjoyed writing a story about a magic door and what happened when we went through the door. We also got to design and make these doors during Art.

On Thursday 26th November we were all thrilled to receive a pair of Late Late Toy Show pyjamas. It was so exciting and completely unexpected. It was even more exciting to  be allowed to wear them into school the following day for our movie day. 

On Friday 27th November as well as watching a movie in our pyjamas we had a birthday party. This was to celebrate all of the children who had a birthday during September, October and November. We are looking forward to doing this at the end of every month.

Although things were a little different this year we had lots of fun getting ready for Christmas. We really enjoyed doing some sewing. We made Christmas pudding decorations to hang up on or tree. We also made our own Christmas decorations for the classroom from a box of ‘bits and pieces’. We learned some interesting facts about reindeer and we got to write acrostic poems about Christmas.

On Friday 11th December we wore our Christmas jumpers to school and raised some money for The Laura Lynn Foundation. We had a lovely video message from Santa Claus for everyone in the school and we were delighted to get a surprise from him too. The sweets were yummy and we are having great fun completing all the puzzles and quizzes in our books. 

On Thursday 17th we took part in a virtual music workshop via zoom. We all had lots of fun with rhythms and Christmas songs.

Just before we finished up on Tuesday 22nd December each classroom took part in an online show called Quest for the Jingle. A great way to end the term.

September – October 2020

We have been very busy in our classroom since our return on August 31st. Everyone is delighted to be back in school and we have all adjusted to our new routines very well. We have been learning how to use Class Dojo and are now using it to complete a piece of homework each week. Our teacher also uses Class Dojo to give us points for being organised, working hard and for lots of other reasons. We have all been getting lots of points and our class total is very high.

We have enjoyed completing lots of different pieces of art. Some of them are pictured below. In English we have been writing poetry: Silly Alphabet People and a list poem based on Ten Things Found in a Wizards Pocket. We have been learning about procedural writing and have enjoyed writing our most recent piece which was a Hallowe’en Potion.

In History we have been learning about The Great Famine and we have been finding out what it was like for people living in Ireland at that time.

In September Mrs. Stanley read The BFG  by Roald Dahl. We enjoyed it so much we finished off the month by watching it on DVD. She has just finished reading One Dog and His Boy by Eva Ibbotson. It is about a boy who really wants to have a dog of his own. It is full of exciting and unexpected events.

On Wednesday 7th October we were lucky enough to be able to take part in a ‘Visit from an Author’ on Zoom. We met Sarah Moore Fitzgerald. She told us about her books and  gave us some tips for writing stories. We had lots of questions for her and we learnt loads.

We really enjoyed doing a Halloween scavenger hunt in PE. Halloween pictures were hidden all over the playground and we had to try to find them. Some of them were easy to find, but there were one or two which proved quite difficult. However with the help of some extra clues we found them all.

On Friday 23rd October we dressed up for Halloween and watched a movie called ‘Monster Family’.

January – February 2020

We took a break from reading groups for a few weeks to do a class novel. We spent  about 5 weeks reading and discussing ‘The Butterfly Lion’ by Michael Morpurgo. We all enjoyed reading the book even though it was a little sad at times. Some pupils enjoyed it so much that they are planning to read some more books written by the same author.

Art has been a lot of fun so far this term. We created fireworks pictures using fluorescent paint which we applied with sticks and snow storm pictures using newspaper and white paint which we applied with toothbrushes. We also had fun using clay. We all made our own individual clay faces which we got to paint. We learnt how to do weaving and we are almost all finished making colourful pots which we are going to fill with handmade flowers soon. There are lots of pictures below of our wonderful creations.

On the 27th January, 5 pupils from 4th class went to the library with some 5th and 6th class pupils to take part in a Harry Potter quiz. Everyone who took part received a Harry Potter badge. It was very enjoyable and they are hoping to get the chance to go again next year.

We are continuing to learn more card games this term. We have learnt lots of card games like Rummy, Crazy Eights, Old Maid, Patience and the No Name Game. We enjoy playing card games whenever we get a chance and we look forward to learning some more new games.

Our first cross country race of the year took place on Thursday 6th February. We were very lucky to have a nice dry day. Everybody ran very well and the support for the athletes was terrific. Looking forward to the next race on 5th March.

We have been taking part in a Junior Achievement programme called ‘Our City’. Tina who works in Pfizer has been coming in every week to teach us all about how towns and cities are developed. We have been learning about different zones and the kind of buildings which belong in each zone. We also learned about the decisions which need to be made when new businesses are being set up. It is all very interesting and we are looking forward to the next few lessons.

We have made a start on our projects. 3rd class have to do their project about an animal and 4th class can do their project on any topic that interests them. We have to hand them in on Friday 13th  March. Some of the animals chosen are: Elephants, Zebras, Dolphins and Sharks. The 4th class topics include: Spain, The Titanic, The Violin and Robots.

Projects 2020

3rd and 4th class worked hard on their projects during February and March. 3rd class chose an animal to research for their project and 4th class chose any topic which interested them.

I enjoyed reading each one of them and I learned many new things. I was very impressed by the standard this year. A lot of effort went into the presentation and there were lots of creative ideas used. Some people chose to type theirs but those that were handwritten were done every neatly. Unfortunately we didn’t get to display them in school as in other years but I have some photographs below : 

As usual it was very difficult to choose winners. But I eventually settled on four winners from each class. I posted out the certificates to the people who won and below are photographs of the winners with their certificates:

November – December 2019

We had great fun using the I-pads in History to create an e-book about the Vikings. We worked in small groups of 2 or 3 and when we were finished we invited 1st and 2nd class in to see them.  

We have also been learning how to sew and we made some lovely Christmas stockings which we finished off with some glitter and felt shapes. We also made papier mâché plates which we decorated for Christmas or with whatever design we wished. 

We have been singing a lot this month. We practised our Christmas carols for the annual visit to the Maldron Hotel and we have really enjoyed getting our song ready for the Nativity on the last day of school. We will be singing ‘What a Commotion’ which we are singing in two parts and it will be accompanied by triangles, maracas, bells and a variety of wooden instruments.                                                                                                                     

Since Hallowe’en we have learnt lots of card games like Old Maid, Rummy and Crazy Eights. During the Christmas holidays we will be able to teach our families some of the card games we have been playing in school.                                                                                                                                              

On Wednesday 11th Santa surprised us with a visit to our classroom and gave us all a lovely gift. We are looking forward to exchanging our Kris Kindle  presents on Thursday and guessing who they are from – although some people have found it difficult to keep it a secret!!!

September-October 2019

We have had a busy couple of months in our classroom. We welcomed David into 3rd class and Rex, Lewis and Joshua into 4th class. We are delighted to have them in our room and we hope they enjoy being part of St. John’s. In Art we have been learning about mixing colours and patterns and plenty of lovely art work has been produced. We learnt about alliteration in English and we wrote some great poems entitled Animal Ark which we displayed outside our classroom. We also wrote some spooky Hallowe’en poems.

We had Miss Ruddock teaching us for 3 weeks in October. She was a lovely teacher and we did lots of great things with her. We did lots of work on adjectives and we had great fun in Drama.

Our 6 weeks of swimming has come to an end but great fun was had by all who went and everyone’s swimming has improved. We enjoyed the recycling workshop on Wed. 23rd October where we made lots of interesting creations including haunted houses, robots and boats. Have a look at our photos.

September 2018

3rd and 4th class have been working very hard since we have come back after the Summer holidays.

We have been learning how to talk about ourselves and our families in Irish and everyone has written a piece about their families.

We have been learning lots of poems and songs this month. We really enjoyed performing ‘Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’.

Swimming lessons began on Friday 14th and we are looking forward to participating in lots of other activities this year. Art is something we all look forward to every week and we have completed some lovely pieces of artwork about ourselves and our names. We are delighted to welcome Michael Andrew to 3rd class. We hope he will be very happy in our school.

Our Crests

Drawing with Scissors – Matisse inspired name design